There are three groups of Fulani in this region: Sokoto, Western, and Wodaabe. The largest of the three groups is the Sokoto. There are two types of Sokoto: the Toroobe (ruling class) and the Bororo (Semi-nomadic class). The Western Fulani are also called the Gorgaabe. The Western Fulani maintain much of their traditional way of life, and because of this, they are considered the purest of all Fulani. The Wodaabe are nomads who live in the Sahara Desert. They are a subgroup of the Fulani and like to be referred to as the Bororo. Almost all Fulani groups are Muslim, however many still practice traditional pre-Islamic beliefs. Believers who want to share the gospel need creativity and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few moments in prayer for the following: 

  • Pray the few Christian believers among the Fulani people will be sent teachers to help them become well established in the faith. 
  • Pray they will learn to live in the power of Christ's Spirit, experiencing the fruit of Christ's Spirit consistently.
  •  Pray they will find each other in order to fellowship together.