The Fula Jalon are semi-nomadic people. They raise crops and livestock. Huts serve as their homes, and each hut is surrounded by a cattle corral. Each village has a headman who handles community affairs and answers to a paramount chief. Men and women have their own designated role among the Fula Jalon; the men herd cattle while the women milk the cattle and sell or trade milk. Polygamy is widely practiced among the Fula Jalon. The first marriage is usually arranged, men are allowed up to four wives. The Fula Jalon are devout followers of Islam. Each Fula Jalon village has a central court and a mosque. No evangelical churches exist.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Fula Jalon are very devout Muslims and there are not any known Evangelical Christian believers in their communities. Pray that this people group would be receptive to the gospel message and that Christians would respond to the Holy Spirit’s call to reach them.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few moments in prayer for the following:

  • Ask the Lord of the harvest to send full-time missionaries to share the Gospel with the Fula Jalon of Guinea.
  • Pray for effectiveness of the Jesus film among the Fula Jalon.
  • Pray that God will give the small number of Fula Jalon believers boldness to share Christ with their own people.