The Aweer are a people group in Kenya numbering about 9,000. They are also called the “Boni” and they speak Aweer. The Aweer are hunter-gatherers who group themselves into bands in order to be able to survive. Some of the Aweer men have multiple wives and periodically live with each wife in her home. There aren’t any many clear records which accurately show where the Aweer originated. In past years the Aweer homeland was a battlefield between Kenya and Somalia. They primarily practice Islam; however, they are growing more and more interested in Christianity. 

Engagement // What's Happening Now

In many East African communities, women and girls are impacted by the problem of inaccessible water. The average distance a girl must walk to get water is 3.75 miles. Because of the burden of getting water, many young girls lose time for education. Africa Oasis Project is an initiative to meet the need of inaccessible water by establishing wells and other methods of providing water. Pray that acts of compassion and grace through providing water would bring hope to Aweer peoples and that they may put faith in God.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

The Kenyan Assemblies of God has partnered with Global University to offer training programs to pastors. Through these training programs, pastors are encouraged to plant churches and reach out to their communities. Pray that these pastors may be burdened to reach the Aweer of Kenya.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend some time in prayer for the following:

  • Pray for the few Aweer followers of Jesus to effectively demonstrate how Jesus blesses and heals families and neighborhoods
  • Pray for the Aweer people to be given a desire to know Jesus Christ
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit begins to break down spiritual walls and barriers that are keeping the Aweer from believing. 
  • Pray for churches and missionaries working in this region. 

Info source: Joshua Project