The region in which the Afar live is known to be one of the aridest in the world. The Somali and the Afar make up most of the population. Many of the Afar are either nomadic herders or fisherman on the coast. The Afar are predominantly Muslim but integrate their own beliefs and customs such as the belief in sacred trees and dead spirits.

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

A Muslim man in East Africa, who was a governor in an Islamic area, was faced with terminal cancer. He found a magazine article talking about Jesus being the healer. He prayed to God, “If you are real, and if you are the healer, then please, Jesus, heal me, and I will follow You the rest of my life.” The next morning, he was completely healed and gave his life to Christ. It came at the cost of his job, friends, family, but he received an education at an Assemblies of God Bible school in East Africa and is now planning to minister to other Muslims.

God is calling Muslims in miraculous ways. Pray that miracles such as these will continue in the lives of Muslims in Djibouti. Pray for people like this man who desires to minister to Muslims in East Africa.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

East Africa faced one of its worst droughts in 2011, and the effects continue, resulting in malnutrition, sickness, and even death. Mike McClaflin stated at the time, “The Horn of Africa is on the brink of one of the greatest logistical and humanitarian challenges in recent history.”

With drought impacting the countries of Djibouti, Somalia, and Ethiopia, many are fleeing to Kenya where there is an aid. Kenya Assemblies of God and Convoy of Hope have partnered to help bring aid and hope. Pray for compassion ministries as they minister to the Afar.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few moments in prayer for the following:

• Pray for the health and safety of the Afar in East Africa who have faced starvation due to the devastating drought.
• Pray for those God has called to minister among the Muslim communities in East Africa.
• Pray for compassion ministries seeking to bring aid to these people.

*Photo and Info Source: Joshua Project