When [Jesus’] family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”
Mark 3:21

From Our “Here”…

In his book The Few, Alex Kershaw charts the Battle of Britain, the epic air war between Britain and Germany during World War II, from a perspective you might never have considered—that of American pilots who joined the cause and flew for the Royal Air Force in 1940 before the United States came into the war.

Pilots like Art Donahue, Eugene “Red” Tobin and Billy Fiske risked more than their lives when they signed on to help the RAF. The United States was adamantly neutral in the dawning months of the war, and disobeying the neutrality laws could result in fines and even prison sentences. But the Americans who found their way through Canada and onto Europe-bound ships believed it was absolutely critical to their homeland’s survival that they support Britain against the Nazi onslaught. History proved them right even though they endured months as virtual outcasts.

Sometimes foresight can be costly. It’s difficult to push ahead in a worthy cause when the people who should be supporting you are instead attacking you. Perhaps you are moving in a new direction in life, headed toward a God-given vision only you seem to understand. Keep moving forward.

Others may not yet have the necessary perspective to be the partners you need, but if God is leading your steps you have the one Partner necessary for success in any endeavor. He’s looking for the few who will buck the majority opinion when the majority is blinded to what is right.

…To God’s “There”

At times, it can be difficult to gain the understanding and support of friends and loved ones when you begin to sense God’s call to take the gospel to a far region. Perhaps you have a burden to serve in an area where you and your family will live “deprived” lives by Western standards.

Missionaries have had to endure remarks like, “You’re taking my daughter with you where?” or “How will you care for my grandkids there?” Over time, as God has proven himself faithful and ministries have grown and lives have been transformed, loved ones have come to discern the divine at work in decisions that once appeared rash or ill-considered.

But, in the meantime, one of the greatest burdens of missionary ministry at the ends of the earth can be others’ misguided perceptions.

Making the Leap

Ask yourself if you have allowed others’ opinions of you to hijack a larger plan God might have for your life. Determine to commit yourself in obedience to the Lord regardless of what it might cost you in the short term. If those who are closest to you are also close to the Lord, He can speak His plan into their hearts as well