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April 24, 2019
April 24, 2019



A diverse land of climates and peoples, Eurasia presents both challenges and opportunities for sharing the gospel.



Nestled in the Persian Gulf, the tiny nation of Bahrain remains closely linked to its neighbors on the Arabian Peninsula.


Tunisian Arabs

Predominantly young and highly educated, Tunisian Arabs live under Islam’s influence, but many are seeking for truth.

Prayer Requests

Week of April 22, 2019
Week of Apr 22, 2019


Community Health Evangelism is a ministry tool being utilized by AG missionaries and the national churches to mobilize local churches in compassion ministries. Through this ministry, church members are being taught to reach their communities through disease prevention, health promotion, and the presentation of Christ. The church is empowered to impact communities by utilizing the gifts and local resources the Lord has equipped them with. Please continue to pray for these believers as they bring the love of Christ into the homes around them.

Senegal is 95 percent Muslim and home to many unreached people groups. One common trait between all of these UPGs is that nearly half of each one’s population is comprised of children. Pray that God would continue to open doors in Senegal, and that the hearts of children would be changed by the love of Jesus.

Asia Pacific

More than 834 million people—95 percent of Asia Pacific’s population—is spiritually lost. Countless places remain across the region where the name of Jesus has never been spoken, and the gospel has never reached, and the church has never been planted—in history.


Joseph Nance, a graduate of North Central University in recording arts, came to spend three weeks with us recording Czech worship music. This is part of a larger plan to help revitalize the Czech church. We believe that worship contains a prophetic element. As the worshipper is preoccupied with God, the Holy Spirit speaks and interacts with him or her in real time. Please pray for the continued growth and impact of this project. — Jason and Andrea Morrison, AGWM missionaries to Czech Republic


Pray for the continued growth of International Christian Fellowship of Athens.

The terrible fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has captured the world’s attention and sympathy. Would you join me in praying for the people of France? For many, Christianity is nothing more than a historic relic. While France mourns the damage done to a beloved national symbol, there is little awareness across the nation of the life-transforming faith in Christ that the church was built to proclaim more than 800 years ago. Pray that our international church network in Europe, our Secular Initiative, our refugee interventions, and other AG ministry centers and outreaches will be used of God to reap a growing spiritual harvest. — Paul Trementozzi, AGWM Europe regional director

International Ministries

Please be praying for the community of believers we are working with located in the Himalayas. A CompassionLink team was supposed to head there this week, but current political tensions have made it impossible for us to reach them. Please pray for their safety, for favor, and that God will continue to open doors for us to partner with them. - CompassionLink

Latin America Caribbean

Brazil has a large number of unreached people groups in the Amazon Basin. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be entered due to legal and government restrictions. Pray with us for God to raise up Brazilian missionaries who can gain access and partner with our LAC missionaries to reach these indigenous people.

Northern Asia

The Bai of southwest China live in fear of their gods, and constantly strive to appease them with religious chants, rituals and sacrifices. Pray that they will hear the message of Christ's sacrifice for them, so that their endless striving may cease.

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