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Weekly Call to Prayer

Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world. 

Prayer requests and praise reports are sent each Wednesday by email. 

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

This downloadable document does not name any missionaries involved in sensitive ministries.


PrayerNet was established to provide daily contact via email with intercessors for urgent missionary needs. 

Missionary birthdays and anniversaries and missionary kids' birthdays are also included as points of prayer.

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Prayer Requests


Join us in prayer for a team of translators working to translate the Gospel of Luke for the Antakarana unreached people group on the island of Madagascar. May God continue to use these translators as a part of His great mission to reach everyone with His good news!

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Media is empowering young people to creatively share Jesus in their worlds. Please pray for each person serving within this ministry, and for each person to whom they minister.


Muslims around Eurasia and the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) this week, in remembrance of Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son. Many of our Eurasia Community workers have intentional, daily conversations with their Muslim friends. May hearts be open to hearing about the true sacrifice made by Jesus for their salvation.

—AGWM Eurasia Community


Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and people are beginning to travel back to Europe, France is in for a time of adjustment and transition. Our prayer is that France will find her stride again and her people will find a way to adjust to all the new policies and perhaps the flooded streets. Additionally, we’re praying that those filled with the Spirit will pursue unity with one another and with those around them. As the world continues to change, we’re praying that the unity of the Church, that comes from the Spirit, will be a light to a divided world.

—Jordan and Vanessa Abina, AGWM missionaries to France

International Ministries

The first paving stones for the new driveway at Casa De Mi Gloria in Managua, Nicaragua, arrived yesterday morning! "I’m believing that thousands will come up through this driveway and meet Christ as their Lord and Savior," says Pastor Nathan Alfaro. Praise the Lord for all He has done and will continue to do. Our God reigns!

—AGWM Builders International

Latin America Caribbean

As Cuba undergoes many crises, including enormous shortages of food and medicine, thousands of people have flooded the streets in desperate protests. Please pray with us for the protection of life, and for the Holy Spirit to move mightily amid a season of fear and desperation.

Northern Asia

Northern Asia's Oroqen people follow shamanism and have an intricate system of demons and spirits. Attempts to evangelize them are often met with great resistance. A breakthrough did come, though more than 20 years ago, when believers from Heilongjiang Province came to share the gospel and 30 Oroqen accepted Christ. Although the Oroqen have no written Christian materials, gospel recordings have recently been produced in their language for the very first time. Oroqen Christians must struggle daily holding onto their faith. Intercessory prayer for strength and boldness is extremely important for these isolated believers in Christ. Please join us in praying these believers will let their “light shine before others, that they may see [their] good deeds and glorify the Father.” (Matt. 5:16)

—Priority 31