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PrayerNet was established to provide daily contact via email with intercessors for urgent missionary needs. 

Missionary birthdays and anniversaries and missionary kids' birthdays are also included as points of prayer.

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Prayer Requests


Africa's Children shares the following update from Mike and Kari Ness, AGWM missionaries to the Democratic Republic of Congo: "Half of the population of Africa is under the age of 18. What a huge opportunity to impact the future of African countries through ministry to children. There has never been a moment when children's ministry has been more critical than right now. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we got stranded in the U.S. for five months. We’ve been back in Congo since August 2020. Things have opened up, we are allowed to meet in churches. We have started up training events for children’s ministry volunteers in the city of Kinshasa, and we have events planned for the end of February and beginning of March. We ask that you please pray that children’s workers will be encouraged and equipped during these trainings.”

Asia Pacific

Please keep praying for Myanmar following the coup that occurred in February. Pray for the Church and its work, that the gospel may go forward, and for the safety of the people. Japan is another nation in our region in deep need of Jesus’ intervention. Suicide rates are sky rocketing, particularly among women. Please pray that our workers in Japan will be able to bring the truth of the gospel and the ultimate answer that Japanese people need to find—the hope and peace of Christ’s salvation.


Join us in praying for the safety of the Iraqi people. Live Dead AGWM representatives from the Arab World report small explosions as militias attack liquor stores. Please intercede for Jesus' protection over body, mind and spirit of each man, woman and child.


Pray for the safety of Continental Theological Seminary’s campus in Belgium. Pray for wisdom for professors as they prepare students for the rapidly changing value systems of Europe. Pray also for provision for students who are sacrificing greatly to study there. Each student could likely be a lonely voice in the European nation to which they will minister.

International Ministries

Please pray for guidance for missionaries making important medical decisions and seeking necessary visas and clearances to return to their countries of calling. Pray also for those whose itinerations and ministries are being impacted by winter weather in the United States and worldwide. The Holy Spirit is moving forward—join us in praying for His help for our missionaries and global partners to be able to do the same.

Latin America Caribbean

Many ChildHope teachers are eagerly preparing to open their classrooms to students again this semester. One teacher shared, “The children are our lives! Even with the challenges and difficulties that come with these children, we live for them and miss them!” Please pray for every ChildHope student and teacher.

Northern Asia

The Ewenki are originally from the hills of Siberia, but groups migrated into China in the early 1600s. The name Ewenki means "mountain forest people." Families earn their livelihood by fishing, hunting, and raising reindeer. There are no known churches or true believers among the Ewenki. Pray for God-inspired opportunities to bring the message of Christ to this unreached group.

Prayer Focus


Once a center for the spread of Christianity, Europe now is home to a population that knows little about the truth of the gospel.


Throughout history, Europe played a major role in the spread of Christianity around the world. However, over the centuries, the spirit of revival in Europe that prompted great moves of God, such as the Great Awakening of the 18th century, diminished into ritual and apathy. Early in the 20th century,the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles, California, reached across the Atlantic. As Spirit-baptized European believers returned home to tell of their infillings, indigenous Pentecostal fellowships sprang up. World War II had a significant impact on the church in Europe. As the United States contributed to relief efforts, the number of AG missionaries in Europe grew. During the next several decades, Bible schools were established in several European countries. Today many Europeans describe themselves as Christians, but they lack a personal understanding of the gospel. Less than 10 percent of people in Western Europe attend church at least once a month. Across the continent, immigrants have come to Europe seeking opportunity and better lives. Many of them are from people groups that have little or no access to the gospel. The European church is faced with both the challenge — and the opportunity — to make a difference for Christ within its own continent and also in unreached nations around the world.


Austria, home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, has an increasingly active indigenous church.


Austria, a central European country long renowned for its majestic scenery, is 75 percent covered by mountains. The country is completely landlocked and experiences four sharply defined seasons each year. Celts settled the land now known as Austria around 400 B.C. The Roman Empire ruled the area by 15 B.C. and held it until Charlemagne gained control in the late 700s. Later it joined other central European countries and territories as a part of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was home to more than 50 million people and was a center of art, music, science and culture. But when World War I brought it to its knees, the Empire became a mere shadow of its former grandeur. Austria was annexed to Germany in 1938. After the Nazi defeat in World War II, Soviet forces took control of Austria until 1955. A wave of Pentecost began in Austria in the 1920s but was interrupted by World War II. Many Germans immigrated to Austria after the war and a large number of them were placed in refugee camps. Pentecostal believers from Yugoslavia were among those in the camps, and they ministered to fellow refugees. In 1946 “Freie Christengemeinden” (Free Christian Assembly) was established. Missionaries from several countries now work alongside the Austrian church.

Wolof in France

Several thousand Wolofs have moved from West Africa to France in search of a better life.

Wolof in France

The Wolof is a large people group living primarily in the West African countries of Senegal and The Gambia. During the time Senegal was a French colony, the Wolof were awarded French citizenship. Today, about 40,000 Wolofs live in France. Though many are well-educated, they face unemployment and growing frustration. Wolofs in France make few attempts to integrate with the French majority and are completely closed to the gospel. The New Testament and the Jesus film have been translated into the Wolof language, but they will make little impact unless workers bring these resources to Wolof communities. A pastor in Paris is reaching out to the Wolof and other immigrant groups. In response, a few are coming to his church plant on Sundays for food, fellowship and an opportunity to hear the gospel. The pastor had previously led a large French church, but its members were resistant to immigrants joining their services. The pastor resigned, feeling that the Lord would have him reach out to needy Muslim people groups who do not know about salvation through Jesus. Pray that many Wolofs will become disciples of Christ and that a church will be established among them to reach their community, both in France and back in their homeland.