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Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world.

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

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Prayer Requests


Pray for new believers among indigenous communities as they navigate the cultural challenges that come with accepting Jesus. Many face great punishment for forsaking their tribes’ indigenous beliefs in favor of faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will be especially close to them as they suffer imprisonment, abuse and other forms of persecution.

Asia Pacific

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, partnership with host churches, focused prayer initiatives, and committed workers, we will see the light of Jesus come to some of the world’s most spiritually dark and challenging places. Join us in asking the Lord to protect and bless every endeavor! —AGWM Asia Pacific


Natural disasters, political events, and crisis situations are stirring fear in Eurasia's Arab World. Without the peace of Jesus, how can people persevere through these feelings of helplessness? Our teams are asking you to pray for people to be open to hearing the good news, so they may find supernatural peace. Thank you for linking arms with us in prayer to bring Jesus to the Arab World! —AGWM Eurasia


Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue breathing life and power into the nearly 10,700 AG churches across Europe. In a spiritually stale and suffocating environment, European churches need the Holy Spirit to sustain them and drive their work forward with purity and purpose.

International Ministries

Pray for the Lord to anoint every piece of material produced by Life Publishers, an AGWM International Ministry that works in partnership with AGWM missionaries and national churches to produce requested evangelism, discipleship, and training materials. Resources have been distributed in every corner of the world, and in over 60 languages.

Latin America Caribbean

Pray for the protection of Christians in remote areas of Colombia. Many believers standing for peace and justice amid violent and illegal activity have been targeted by guerrillas and other criminal groups. May they rest in the promise and hope found in Isaiah 60:18; “No longer will violence be heard in your land, nor ruin or destruction within your borders, but you will call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise” (NIV).

Northern Asia

Although the Xibe of northeast China are largely non-religious, they still culturally make offerings to their ancestors and worship deities including insect, dragon and earth spirits. In recent years there have been a few Xibe churches established. Pray that more messengers of the gospel would go to join this new Christian witness among the Xibe!