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Prayer Requests


This week, we are focusing on Senegal a country in West Africa. Senegal has a history of spiritual darkness. We believe the God of light has other plans for the Senegalese. Pray for Holy Spirit empowerment of our global workers on the field and our National Church leaders, and for the breakdown of spiritual strongholds.

Asia Pacific

This month, our team is dedicated to praying/fasting for the Lao Phuan and Lao Pong people groups of Laos. Will you join us in lifting them up in prayer?


Pray today for the people of Azerbaijan, residents of a Central Eurasian country bordering Armenia, Iran, Russia, and the Caspian Sea. Of the 9 million citizens, less than 3% follow Jesus, and they remain a persecuted minority while evangelism is prohibited.


For the majority of Serbians, ethnicity and religion are intertwined. They see their faith as cultural and part of their ethnic identity, not necessarily a faith that they practice. The Serbian Orthodox Church historically has had dominance and has suppressed other churches in the process. Both Muslim and non-Orthodox Christian groups are attacked more and more, and relations are tense. Evangelicals are often seen as a sect or cult, even as traitors, by mono-religious ethnicities. Despite all of the religious division, newer churches are growing and engaging in ministry. Pray for leadership training in Bible schools, unity in church planting efforts, successful impact of the Alpha Course and other Christian media ministries, and university campus ministries. Young people are most prone to desire change for the future, as they do not want to repeat the past. Pray that this would also make them responsive to the gospel.
—AGWM Europe’s “Lose Yourself Stories,” Season 1, Episode 11

International Ministries

Join us in prayer for Christian women living in Chad, that God would use them to minister to the hearts of Muslim women. Due to conflict, thousands of Muslim women have fled to escape fighting in the Central African Republic—a landlocked country of Central Africa—finding refuge in neighboring areas. “A stream of 40,000 Muslims have fled to Chad,” shares Say Hello, a ministry directed by AGWM missionary Lynda Hausfeld aimed at reaching Muslim women. “Pray that these women will be intentional in reaching out and ministering to the Muslim women living as refugees and that Muslim women will be led to Christ.”

Latin America Caribbean

Chile is home to the driest place on earth — the Atacama Desert. In fact, some parts of it have never received any rain since recordings started. We can’t change the weather in Chile, but we do have the amazing opportunity to pray for rain on a dry spiritual land. There are over 20 million people in this region that have never heard the name of Jesus.

Northern Asia

The Baima are a truly unreached people group due to their geographic isolation in high mountains. Baima tombs are topped with small, colorful flags that they believe will lead the deceased into heaven. Let's pray that messengers of the gospel will bring them the beautiful news of Jesus for the very first time, so that they may discover the true way to heaven!