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Weekly Call to Prayer

Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world. 

Prayer requests and praise reports are sent each Wednesday by email. 

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

This downloadable document does not name any missionaries involved in sensitive ministries.


PrayerNet was established to provide daily contact via email with intercessors for urgent missionary needs. 

Missionary birthdays and anniversaries and missionary kids' birthdays are also included as points of prayer.

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Prayer Requests


São Tomé and Príncipe are two islands which form an island nation off the West African coast. They were uninhabited until Portuguese explorers discovered them in the 15th century. Portuguese is still the native language of the islanders. Sixty AG churches worship together on São Tomé, but none exist on Príncipe. Pray that a Bible school can be launched to train church leaders on São Tomé and that church planters will be called to go to Príncipe.

 — AGWM Africa’s Hope

Asia Pacific

Recording technicians in Indonesia make and distribute gospel recordings in the many languages spoken across the nation's 13,000 islands. Please pray for their safety and stamina as they labor among a population much in need of Jesus.


Across India, desperately ill COVID-19 patients wait outside hospitals for beds to become available. Please pray for Jesus to minister to each patient, family member, and medical worker, calling to Himself those who do not know Him, bringing relief from sickness and fear, and comforting those who mourn.


Jacob Bock, an AGWM global worker in Spain, and his ONTHEREDBOX ministry are producing "Tour de España (Tour of Spain)"—a series of short films highlighting scenery or history from different provinces in Spain. Ranging in topic from depression to rebellion to relational brokenness to healing from COVID-19, each film showcases not only the beauty of Spain, but also the beauty and restoration found in Jesus. Please ask the Holy Spirit to continue anointing these evangelistic films, which are available in Spanish with English subtitles. 

Watch the video series at

International Ministries

Pray with us this weekend for missionaries and global workers to have new wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as they seek to communicate Jesus to those who have no context for or understanding of Him. May the Lord break through any mindset or misunderstanding that would keep people separated from Him!

Latin America Caribbean

Every child deserves a dignified place to learn. But sometimes our schools have to make do with what they have at hand. That’s what the 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes school in the Wings of Freedom community in San Isidro, Dominican Republic, has been doing. In an effort to serve as many children as possibly, they have opened the doors of a modest rental home meant to serve a single family to 500 students. Children sit on floors, in outdoor classrooms, and in rooms crammed with desks. Please pray for endeavors to build a new school that will better serve existing students and 400 new students as well! 

— AGWM ChildHope

Northern Asia

The Deaf population in China has all the hallmarks of an "unreached" group, even though they are not an ethnicity. They are marginalized, have a unique communication system, have their own isolated culture, and are severely limited in their access to the gospel. Pray that the message of Jesus will be effectively communicated to the Deaf community in China, and that ministers with unique gifts will be sent share the gospel with them!