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Weekly Call to Prayer

Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world. 

Prayer requests and praise reports are sent each Wednesday by email. 

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

This downloadable document does not name any missionaries involved in sensitive ministries.


PrayerNet was established to provide daily contact via email with intercessors for urgent missionary needs. 

Missionary birthdays and anniversaries and missionary kids' birthdays are also included as points of prayer.

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Prayer Requests


Zanzibar is the sister island of Pemba, and also is part of Tanzania. Many people there remain unreached by the gospel and are trapped by the chains of Islam. Here are some ways to pray for Zanzibar today: ⁠

  • ⁠Pray for the few churches that exist on the island—for a rising boldness among believers and an increasing impact in their communities! 
  • Pray safety over those sharing their faith.
  • ⁠Pray for God to continue speaking to residents through dreams and visions.
  • ⁠Pray for the light of Jesus Christ to pierce the darkness and break the chains of Islam.

Asia Pacific

Laos is a small, landlocked nation in Southeast Asia. Most of the Lao are wet-rice and livestock farmers. They also have fruit, cotton, and silk-worm farms. Buddhism (mixed with ethnic religions) stands strong as Laos’ dominant religion. Buddhist temples are the center of life in every village, even acting as community centers. Pray for wisdom and discernment among Lao believers as their freedom to worship Christ slowly grows, and that they will find Jesus worthy of any persecution they might face.


We know seeds of truth are being planted in the Arab World. Pray that our workers will be led to people reading the Bible for the first time. As they may have questions, we are eager to help guide them to Christ.


Pray for ministry to teens in Romania. After many years as a closed communist nation, Romania has reopened to the world and teenagers are faced with many opportunities and choices, but little to no knowledge about Jesus. Please pray for missionaries and church leaders who are ministry pioneers among this very important demographic.

International Ministries

Many people around the world are hurting and do not know who to trust for help. Network211—an online AGWM International Ministry—exists to reach those people by making initial contact, providing resources, and connecting them to local church congregations, all for the sake of helping them to find real hope in Jesus. Please pray for people to find and respond to Network211’s websites, and also for the Holy Spirit to guide each Network211 personnel member.

Latin America Caribbean

In the past year, Latin America Advanced School of Theology (ISUM) has experienced explosive online growth: a total of 30 one month post-graduate seminars involving over 100 professors and 1,350 students from Latin America and several other countries in the world. Last year at this time, a classroom conversion to digital format looked beyond our capabilities. But nothing is impossible with God! Please continue to pray for every student and leader.
— Mike and Monaré Shields, AGWM missionaries to Latin America and directors of ISUM

Northern Asia

Pray for the Ustat people. There are no known believers among them. Pray that their hearts will be good soil, ready to hear the gospel and respond.
— AGWM Live Dead