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Bridge the Gap

Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world.

Prayer requests and praise reports are sent each Wednesday by email.

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

This downloadable document does not name any missionaries involved in sensitive ministries.

Prayer Requests


Last Sunday, Pastor Edward and the church of Eisleben moved from the shack into the new church structure. Thank you for praying with us to see a healthy church within walking distance of every African!

Asia Pacific

This month, our team is committed to pray and fast for the people of Japan. We will be praying for believers to obey the call of Jesus to reach these people with the message of truth and hope. Will you join us?


Please pray for the continued provision of Bible resources for Ukrainian children. AGWM missionaries to Ukraine Markus and Helen Wolf share: “We learned non-Ukrainian volunteers were helping refugees and needed resources to minister to Ukrainian kids. Friends asked if we could produce Ukrainian language videos for their usage. So far, we have about 28 YouTube videos on various topics using puppets, Bible stories, and object lessons. If you know someone working with Ukrainian kids, we invite you to share these resources freely. Nearly all of them have parallel English versions so you can see what the puppets and people are talking about.” May God use each of these new resources to deepen the children in their faith and relationship with Him.


Join us in prayer for AGWM missionaries Alan and Michelle Ambrose as they partner with local churches in Austria to provide monthly outreaches for university students in Salzburg.

International Ministries

“Please pray for Muhammad Kace, an Indonesian Christian from a Muslim background who has been arrested on blasphemy charges. His sermons about Jesus, the Son of God, attracted many Muslims, some of whom became followers of Christ.” —AGWM Global Initiative

Latin America Caribbean

We’d ask you to pray for our educators, Bible schools, and training ministries like ISUM, Facultad, and Caribbean School of Theology. Pray that God would give them wisdom, clarity & peace as they train up the future of their ministries.

Northern Asia

The deaf in China have a unique communication system, have their own culture, lead an isolated existence and are severely limited in their access to the gospel, particularly those in rural areas. Pray for the message of Jesus to be effectively communicated to them!