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July 22, 2019
July 22, 2019



Africa is home to both rich resources and devastating need. In the midst of overwhelming crises, the church in Africa is seeing incredible growth.



Lesotho, often called the “Switzerland of Africa,” faces one of the world’s highest rates of HIV infection.



An Islamic people of 1.5 million who sprawl across Senegal, Mauritania and Mali among whom are no known believers.

Prayer Requests

Week of July 22, 2019
Week of Jul 22, 2019


In two weeks, we will see the answer to three years of prayer for the nation of Chad, as a brand new team meets together to discuss moving forward into the country. Five people have said yes to becoming the first Live Dead team in Chad, taking steps to begin reaching Chad’s spiritually lost people. Pray with us that God will guide the team towards His plans for Chad.

Asia Pacific

Please pray for ministries underway in Cambodia, including the efforts of AGWM missionary Ann Greve and other leaders to provide high quality post-secondary training to equip Cambodians to be excellent Christian leaders in key areas of need in the country.


Most children in Nepal are Hindus — but a strong strain of ancient animistic religion has become syncretized with their Hinduism and infuses tales of hungry ghosts that bring destruction. It’s a frightening belief system for a child. AGWM’s Eurasia region has developed an innovative storybook for elementary school children that focuses on the Ten Commandments. It’s called Value Stories, and all indications are that it can be used as part of values education in the public schools. This book will teach children friendship, faithfulness, truth, love, and so much more — and it will connect them with local churches and ministries that can share the love of Christ with them. Please intercede with us that this book will be used mightily by the Holy Spirit.


In the past three years, AGWM missionaries to Sicily Neil and Kathy Vanaria and their team have handed out over 8,000 mini SD cards (that fit in inexpensive cell phones) loaded with Scriptures to migrants and refugees arriving on Sicily’s shores, carefully ensuring that each person has a card in their own language. The Vanarias have also launched ministry centers in two Sicilian cities. Many migrants and refugees are coming to know Jesus, being baptized, and are now themselves carrying the gospel to other displaced peoples. Please pray for Jesus to protect, minister to, and guide the Vanarias, their team, and every individual they minister to.

International Ministries

I have had the privilege this week of visiting some of our Teen Challenge centers in a remote region of Eurasia. So many lives have been devastated by the grip of addiction. But the power of the gospel goes immeasurably beyond that of addiction. As our ministry team has visited these centers, we’ve been teaching, sharing the Word, and praying for each of the groups. Please join me in praying for Teen Challenge ministry personnel and the people they care for around the world. — JoAnn Butrin, AGWM International Ministries director

Latin America Caribbean

Nicaragua continues to endure social and political unrest. Thousands of people are fleeing to seek asylum in neighboring nations. Please pray that our AG Fellowship across Nicaragua would be a powerful influence for the restoration of peace and that out of this crisis more people would be drawn to the hope of the gospel. Pray that General Superintendent Pedro Corea and his leadership team will be guided and strengthened and protected. — David Ellis, AGWM Latin America Caribbean regional director

Northern Asia

Pray for the light of Jesus to reach China’s Uyghur people — a minority group that follows mostly folk Islam mixed with superstition.

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