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Weekly communication providing urgent prayer needs for missionaries, countries and regions throughout the world.

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Missionary Birthdays

A monthly PDF listing names of missionaries on their birthdays. 

This downloadable document does not name any missionaries involved in sensitive ministries.

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Prayer Requests


Our learning center brings us into contact with many people, making us knowable and making Jesus meetable. The facility has been remodeled and cleaned and now we are purchasing furnishings. We have a conversation area, a classroom, a cafe area, and a conference room to furnish. We ask for your prayers for wisdom and favor as we search for the best price for the items and for favor with the vendors in negotiating the prices. Thank you for interceding with us as we strive to be good steward of the finances that God has given through the generosity of other
—AGWM personnel serving in a sensitive area

Asia Pacific

On Saturday, January 15, a massive volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami struck the island nation of Tonga, wiping out crops and polluting drinking water for tens of thousands of people and covering portions of the island in ash. Please pray for the country of Tonga, missionaries in that region, and all those affected by the volcanic eruption and tsunami.


AGWM Eurasia's Southern Asia area consists of five countries have laws that severely limit Christian witness. There is a desperate need for the story of Jesus to be told to break the generations of brokenness. Pray for Eurasia's lost.


An international church has been launched in Norway. There are now two missionary units in the country after years of not having any AGWM personnel ministering ther
—Paul Trementozzi, AGWM Europe regional director

International Ministries

In 2022 we would like to ignite your heart to become a “Prayer Champion.” As champions of prayer, we follow Jesus’ words about effective prayer. In Matthew 7:7-8, Jesus tells prayer champions to ask, to seek, and to knock. This year we are going to do just that. Each month we will believe what the Word of God says and present our request. We will declare what God’s Word says and we will see God’s presence in ways we have only dreamed.
—Royal Rangers International

Latin America Caribbean

AGWM’s LAC region is in search of a missionary associate for El Salvador. Please pray ask the Holy Spirit send more workers to LAC.

Northern Asia

Pray for the Buryat people in Siberia, an animistic and shamanistic unreached group with little to no access to the gospel due to their isolated geographic location.