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Prayer Focus

December 11, 2018
December 11, 2018


Northern Asia — China

China, home to well over one billion people, is the world’s oldest living civilization.


Hong Kong

Exotic Hong Kong, a tiny land comprised largely of mountains and rugged terrain, is home to a variety of religions, cultures and ethnicities.



Considered to be indigenous to China, the Hui are untouched by the modern Christian awakening.

Prayer Requests

Week of December 10, 2018
Week of Dec 10, 2018


Please pray for two new village congregations who desperately need church buildings: Gida and Kacumeh. We have plans to drill boreholes at these locations that will give life-sustaining, pure water. Bible school students are meeting with the believers and "potential Christ followers" each week to share the Living Water. — Scott and LaVonna Ennis, AGWM missionaries to The Gambia

Please pray for continuing construction of a Bible school in the town of Bo. The framework and roofing are in place for the main building. We will soon begin clearing more acreage for the building of dormitories. We thank God for a hard-working crew and for a recent visit from the national executive committee of the Sierra Leone Assemblies of God to pray over the project and site. — Gaylord and Fredna Brown, AGWM missionaries to Sierra Leon

Asia Pacific

As we move into the month of December, would you agree in prayer with us for a spiritual breakthrough in Thailand? Christmas is the single biggest evangelistic time of the year in Thailand. Because of the huge popularity and marketing of Christmas in the U.S., Thais are curious about Christmas. This provides us an opportunity to share the true story of Christmas. Please pray for the Thailand Assemblies of God as they have a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of Jesus. May the Joy, Peace and Light of Christ push forth in a place trapped in darkness. — Mark and Sunny Rodli, AGWM missionaries to Thailand

Tuvalu consists of nine small islands scattered around the western Pacific just south of the equator with an estimated population of 10,000, many who need to hear about Jesus.


Pray for Evangel Theological Seminary, a regional institution offering formal education to Russian-speaking Pentecostal bishops, pastors and lay workers. We have an international student body attending classes in Kyiv, and we have just established two new extension centers. Our president and vice president work tirelessly to establish connections with Pentecostal Christians throughout Eurasia. — Edmund and Linda Schlak, AGWM missionaries to Ukraine

It has been a great year of ministry in Ukraine. In the past year we have moved ICA Kyiv (an international church) into a new building, grown into a second service, and planted a daughter church (a national church), where there has never been a church before in Kolentsi, Ukraine. Pray that these ministry centers will continue to grow and draw more people to Christ. — Paul and Christine Pierquet, AGWM missionaries to Ukraine


Please pray for the staff of Europe's children.

International Ministries

A missions team from Compassion Link recently came to help us develop a more economical heating solution that will help our community during the harsh winter months. Our first model of the rocket mass heater was built in the Cuigiuc church plant, and we had our first service in a warm room! We are looking forward to helping other homes with building an efficient stove based on the pattern designed by our friends, Dakota and David from Compassion Link! — Mike and Ana Dascalescu, AGWM missionaries to Romania

Latin America Caribbean

Pray with us for the children's ministry of Ecuador. The time invested in them now will make a difference when it is their turn to reach the next generation.

Northern Asia

Please pray for the Qi Li people located on Hainan Island, a mostly animistic culture with many superstitions. They are without a Bible or any other evangelistic tool in their language.

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