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Prayer Focus

July 20, 2018
July 20, 2018



A diverse land of climates and peoples, Eurasia presents both challenges and opportunities for sharing the gospel.



Nestled in the Persian Gulf, the tiny nation of Bahrain remains closely linked to its neighbors on the Arabian Peninsula.


Kurds of Eurasia

Scattered across the Middle East, the Kurds follow their traditional ways without ever hearing of Christ.

Prayer Requests

Week of Jul 16, 2018
Week of Jul 16, 2018


Pray for missionaries Brent and Shelley Teague in Ivory Coast as they prepare to launch a training center in August. “A significant part of the training and ministry of our center will be focused on children's ministry. Participants will be trained in various types of children's ministry and given weekly opportunities to be personally involved in reaching the children of Ivory Coast. Ministry opportunities will include school evangelism, Bible clubs, crusades, Sunday School and children's church, training of workers, camps, VBS, and more.”

Pray for Nigeria. Attacks on Christians in some Muslim-majority regions of the country have cost thousands of lives this year. Pray for the Assemblies of God in Nigeria, the largest AG fellowship in Africa, for God’s protection and for continued open doors to share the gospel.

Asia Pacific

With nearly 70 churches planted in this part of Peninsular Asia, the work really begins. These pastors and church planters need to be encouraged and equipped to do the work. They need the power of the Holy Spirit to be effective in growing healthy churches and reaching the lost for Christ. We were blessed to serve nearly 500 pastors, church leaders and Bible students in some out-of-the-way places on just this one trip. The Holy Spirit came in power to encourage, equip and empower these pastors. It's very exciting to be part of God moving among his servants. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the pastors and church planters. — Dan and Sandy Winkelman, AGWM missionaries planting Asia Pacific churches

The recent Children’s Ministry Institute offered two weeks of intensive training to better equip 80 children’s workers ministering in 23 nations across Asia Pacific and the Islands. They returned with a renewed vision and tools to fulfill it. Already, children are being filled with the Holy Spirit. Please pray for the Thai delegates as we work to establish a National Children’s Department within Thailand AG. — Jim and Chris Hosack, AGWM missionaries to Thailand

We appreciate continued prayers following the devastating rainfall last weekend in southwestern Japan — 175 dead, 87 still missing, 8,400 people still in shelters due to lack of running water, washed away roads, and flooded homes. Pray for Japan. Less than 1 percent of the nation knows Jesus as their Savior. Thank you. — Shelley Carl, AGWM missionary to Japan


There are more than 400 unique unreached people groups in the Arab World. Pray for the beginnings of church planting movements taking place all across the area.

From LiveDead Arab World: I took a visiting friend (and food) with me to meet my soon-to-be friends, a Bedouin family, and we were given a very warm welcome. Soon, my new Arab friends were asking my American friend (let’s call him Johnny) about his life. So I said, “Why don’t you tell them about how Jesus changed your life?” Johnny seemed totally surprised by the suggestion. But after a long and awkward pause (mitigated by the fact that I was translating for him), I got to share with the family Johnny’s story of healing from addiction and the transforming power of Jesus Christ. My Bedouin friends were very attentive; they had obviously never talked with a Christian before. Team members (and visitors alike) learn quickly that they are victorious in Christ “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.” Because Johnny shared his story, this family learned that Jesus has supernatural power to change lives. May they soon have their own testimony to share of His transformative power in their lives.


One of the greatest challenges of church planting in Ireland is finding a place to do it. Our churches are planted in night clubs, movie theaters, hotels and old warehouses. However, the SVP Family Centre is where the Lord has given us favor. This building has recently been renovated and we are currently meeting in one of their rooms. It is our prayer that when we officially launch a church, we will be blessed to use the entire facility. This would include a large meeting hall and youth room! — Bill and Melissa Chappel, AGWM missionaries to Ireland

International Ministries

During a weeklong seminar by Global Initiative in El Salvador, 57 students received training focused on evangelism and discipleship of Muslims. One student said, “After the seminar, things ‘started to click’ regarding ministry to Muslims.” Another student shared a newfound hope for ministry to Muslims: “We have been hearing that ministry to Muslims can’t be done—it’s too hard, it’s impossible. This training gave us the confidence that, with God’s help, it can be done.”

Latin America Caribbean

A church is being planted in Lebi Doti, Suriname, among an unreached people group called the Akan. Half of the village's children already attend the church. The village is being transformed by God’s power. Please pray that God will countine to reach out the unreach in that region. — Steve Puffpaff, AGWM missionary to the Caribbean

Pray for the peace of God to fall on Haiti today as violent protests continue to rage.

Northern Asia

Today, pray for the Zhuang people of China, an animistic people with little response to the gospel.

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