Opposition to the Gospel

AGWM Communications on May 31, 2019

Since the earliest days of Christianity, opposition to the gospel has brought about growth in the Church.

The Call of the North

Kristel Ringer Ortiz on May 17, 2019

Throughout these tragedies, Mike and Sheila grappled with one burning question: What are we doing here? We are needed at home.

AG Pastor, Congregants Martyred in Burkina Faso

Kristel Ringer Ortiz on May 1, 2019

The attackers singled out Pastor Peter Ouédraogo and took five other men from the congregation, executing them after demanding they convert to Islam.

The “Perfect” Missionaries

Kristel Ringer Ortiz on April 17, 2019

Life and ministry took an unexpected twist shortly after Lynn and Victor became fully appointed AGWM missionaries in 1991 and arrived to begin service in El Salvador in 1992.

Claimed for God’s Purpose

Kristel Ringer Ortiz on April 4, 2019

Matt and Eva’s burden for Deaf ministry had begun in 1987 with their participation in missions trips to Panama, Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador.

West and Central Africa Propelling Jesus Forward in 2019

Carrol and Gayle Deal — AGWM missionaries to Africa on March 25, 2019

Let Jesus be lifted up across Africa in 2019!

Belgium: Lifting Up Jesus

By Charles and Amanda Gravely on March 14, 2019

We are calling students to "look to the ancient paths" of walking with God.

Global University Rejoices in Worldwide Advancement

By Tony and Susan Rybarczyk — AGWM missionaries with Global University on February 22, 2019

At Global University we love to see people come to Christ. Since 2010, our students and graduates have led more than 1.6 million people to make a decision for Jesus.

Reaching South Africa’s Urban Tribes

By AGWM Communications on February 22, 2019

In response to this social phenomenon, a wave of AGWM missionaries like the Owenses are engaging these new “tribes.”

Jungle Teachers

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on February 14, 2019

They responded to requests for training from 30 church leaders among the Shipibo.

Africa Oasis Project Impacting a Continent

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on January 25, 2019

Notsé’s pastor quietly pulled Tim Ligon aside, “What you have done here today is saving lives.”

Missionaries Save Family from Financial Ruin

By Renee Griffith on January 11, 2019

They ventured regularly on weeklong treks into Guatemala’s highlands to reach the Q’eqchi’ people, an indigenous Maya people group.

Tribal Literacy Graduation a Joyful, Encouraging Occasion

By Adam Boyd — AGWM missionary to Papua New Guinea on December 19, 2018

Please pray for these graduates, as they have only just begun the long road toward becoming fully literate.

BaseCamp Presents Africa’s Need

By Alice Horne - AGWM Communications on December 5, 2018

Out of Africa’s estimated 1.2 billion people, Joshua Project reports more than 300 million are without access to the gospel.

Jungle Bible Translators Serve Europe’s Refugee Camps

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on November 28, 2018

Veteran AGWM missionaries Neil and Kathy Vanaria are no strangers to hard places and great challenges.

Berlin: Tragedy Leads to Ministry

By John Butrin — AGWM missionary in Berlin, Germany on November 20, 2018

The opportunities resulting from this tragedy embody our purpose and very name — Matthew’s Table

Telling Unwritten Stories – Oral Learners Initiative

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on November 2, 2018

For over 30 years Oral Learners Initiative (OLI), an Assemblies of God World Missions ministry, has used innovative methods to reach out to adherents of the oral tradition.

Network211: Where We Are, Where We’re Going

By Dr. Mark Flattery on October 25, 2018

Network211’s 1-2-1 Connector teams, made up of believers in churches around the world, reply to individuals with biblical answers, prayer, directions to JourneyOnline, an online interactive discipleship community, and connections to local churches.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Local believers ‘welling up in rich generosity’

By Craig Mathison on October 17, 2018

“This whole situation is hard,” says AGWM missionary Katie Sasser. “There are so many people coming in every day. Bosnians remember the war and how it felt to flee, and the people here are genuinely big-hearted. Many are doing as much as they can with what little they have.”

Indonesia Battered by Double Disaster, AG Responds

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on October 1, 2018

The Indonesia Assemblies of God, AGWM, and Convoy of Hope have joined hands in their swift response to this overwhelming tragedy.

Philippines Typhoon – Relief Update

By Kristel Ringer Ortiz on October 1, 2018

“Our fellow believers in the Philippines need our prayers, as they recover from this tragedy themselves and as they reach out with the compassion of Jesus to those in need who don’t know Him.”

StageLife Theater, Netherlands: The Gospel Through Drama

by Alice Horne on September 19, 2018

StageLife uses well-known children’s stories like “Red Riding Hood,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Beauty and the Beast” and more recently “The Adventures of Pinocchio” to present morals in line with the Scriptures.

Haiti Gives Back to Family Impacted by California Wildfire

by James and Rachael Courter - AGWM missionaries to Haiti on September 11, 2018

We are grateful to God that we were out of town with my parents and our baby, because our neighbor told us that they barely made it out of the aggressive flames.

Royal Family Kids Camp: Hope Amid Horror

by Misty Elliott on August 7, 2018

Missionaries Bryan and Misty Elliott at first thought they were called to plant churches in Wales, then God revealed a more expansive plan.

Austrian Church Plant Flourishes on the Shores of Lake Constance

by Kristel Ortiz on July 24, 2018

Paul and Mechthild Clark have planted a church that is unusual in Austria because people can choose to join it of their own free will.

Eight Hours Down the Amazon

by Kristel Ortiz on July 6, 2018

Building a church in a location so remote it does not even have a name.

Guatemala AG AGWM and Convoy of Hope Respond to Volcano Fuego

by David Amsler – AGWM missionary to Guatemala on July 3, 2018

The Assemblies of God is responding to the needs of those suffering due to the eruption of Volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

Rehab and Redemption in Salto

by Kristel Ortiz on June 25, 2018

A rehab center in Uruguay caught the attention of AG missionaries, Bob and Jennifer Frith, who are now doing what they can to help the center flourish.

Open Doors Despite Gang Lines

by Kenton Moody on June 5, 2018

In El Salvador, crossing gang lines can be deadly, but God is winning over gangs!

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