Kim and Shari Babcock, AGWM missionaries to Argentina, share the following recent testimonies of how God's Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of Argentina’s young and old, empowering them for service.  

Twenty-year-old Maile, a King’s Castle ministry graduate, was on a train when a man began speaking out disruptively and disturbing the other passengers. As Maile prayed, she sensed the Lord telling her, “He lost his father when he was 7.” She asked permission to tell the man something, and when he granted it, she said, “God talks to me, and I believe He just told me that you lost your dad when you were 7; is this true?”

“Who told you?!” he demanded. “How do you know me?”

“I don’t know you, but God does,” Maile responded, and she began to share the good news with him. The man listened and then said, “I quit church six months ago. But now, I’m going back.”

Fernanda, age 21, recently led a group of King’s Castle students in evangelizing with a group of Christian teenagers on a local plaza. She met a backslidden man who confessed that he felt God was mad at him and was punishing him. Fernanda noticed his broken arm and ask if she and the group with her could pray for his healing. As they began to pray, Fernanda received a word from the Lord that Jesus wanted to forgive him and heal him. When she shared this, the man began to cry. He said he felt heat in his arm and chest, and he believed Jesus was healing his life, not just his body. After the group prayed, the man told them that he knew his life was back on track with God.

Recently, Fernanda’s father, Mario, read a book authored by the Babcocks about walking in the Holy Spirit’s power. Before drifting off to sleep one night, he did as the book suggested and prayed, “Jesus, would You please present me to your Father?” When Mario fell asleep, Jesus visited him in a dream. According to his wife, Mario woke up at 4 in the morning, alternately praying in the Spirit and saying, “Jesus is fabulous! Jesus is incredible!” The experience left Mario impacted by the magnificence of God and with a hunger to continue experiencing God in new ways.

Kim and Shari believe that Acts 2:17-18 is coming to pass before their eyes as God pours out His Spirit on the sons and the daughters of this generation. They write, “We can’t wait to see what else He has in store for the youth of Argentina in these last days!”