Santha lives in Southern Asia (part of AGWM’s Eurasia region). After studying to be a Buddhist priest from the age of 9, Santha met some young people who were not Buddhists. They invited Santha to a group they had, and he went several times. When they asked if they could pray to Jesus for Santha, he agreed. As his friends gathered around him and prayed, Santha decided that he too wanted to follow Jesus.

Today, Santha pastors a growing church that is home to a Royal Rangers International outpost, where kids can hear the name of Jesus (often for the first time), learn who He is, and meet friends and mentors who can help them learn to follow Jesus daily.

Nearly one-third of all the world’s children live in Santha’s home country and the three countries surrounding it, and their lives can be very hard. Many are sold into slavery, or are caught up in crime. Many more are learning to follow religions that do not let them understand that Jesus is God’s Son, that He loves us deeply, that He can set us free from our sin, and that He can bring us to heaven to live with Him forever.

Royal Rangers International, part of AGWM’s International Ministries, cares about the these kids’ spiritual, physical, social and mental safety and development.

Royal Rangers International Director Doug Marsh says, “I believe that Royal Rangers International can reach people that no other ministry can. It’s a privilege to announce our Ignite Eurasia project!”

Between 2020 and 2021, Ignite Eurasia plans to:

  • Present the gospel to 10,000 kids and teens who have never heard of Jesus.
  • Establish Royal Rangers in a new Southern Asian nation, and develop resources.
  • Train new leaders and mentors to start Royal Rangers outposts in four Southern Asian nations.

John Wilson, Eurasia Regional Coordinator for Royal Rangers International, says, “In Mark 16:15, Jesus gave us the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Ignite Eurasia is the opportunity to do that!”