Amid pandemic restrictions, the Word of God and the power of Jesus continue to prove themselves unchained. AGWM team members share the following testimonies from the Muslim world. All names have been changed.

Iqbal previously used social media to convert people to Islam. One day he watched one of our online videos which explains that the Bible is NOT corrupted. He contacted our workers and dialogued with them. One worker managed to visit Iqbal face to face and gave him a Bible. A short time later Iqbal reached out and said, “I am really disturbed. Can you help me to know the Truth?”But he still did not accept Jesus. Soon his father became very sick, causing Iqbal to say to Jesus, “If You are the Truth, help my father to recover. If You do, I will follow You!” After three days, his father recovered. Iqbal contacted us a third time, saying, “I want to follow Jesus. Can you explain to me how I can do that?”He renounced his former faith, accepted Jesus, and was baptized. He shared the gospel with his wife, and together they attend online church.

A’dab is a Muslim live-in housemaid who was abused by her employer. We got to pray with her and encourage her to pray on her own as well. As A’dab continued to pray, her employer changed in character and stopped abusing her. Because of this, A’dab has decided to turn to Jesus. She has seen His power is real. Similarly, after praying with three Muslim ladies, one of them experienced healing and God's presence with us. She too decided she wants to follow Jesus. His presence is real and when people experience it, they know He is the true God.

I met Naseer outside of the mosque, just as the imam announced the closure of all mosques. I took Naseer to visit my home, where he saw a Bible for the first time. His eyes glowed and his face lit up. We had a wonderful time talking of the gospel from creation to Christ. He is eager to meet again. The Word of God is not chained—especially when the mosques are closed.