An Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, attributed to a warehouse containing ammonium nitrate, was so powerful it was felt in Turkey, Syria, Israel and parts of Europe. The blast was equivalent to 1.2 kilotons of TNT. More than 200 people are confirmed dead and 7,000 injured, with many still missing and 300,000 people left homeless.

All AGWM workers in the city are safe, and AGWM quickly responded with disaster relief funds to purchase food and drinking water for those among the displaced and for relief workers. In addition, AGWM is helping purchase basic medical care and supplies, and assisting churches impacted by the blast.

Please pray for Lebanon, for the people facing deep loss through this tragedy, for local pastors and AGWM workers as they minister and help, and for the hope of the gospel to expand among grieving multitudes.

If anyone would like to give towards relief efforts, please click on the link below.

AGWM Crisis Response - Beirut Explosion