Missions and Travel Amidst Global Pandemic 
July 2020 

AGWM is committed to safely and prudently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. As well, AGWM continues to acknowledge the Great Commission as God-given and unconditional. Christ’s followers are called to go into all the world and make disciples, even amidst the challenges of COVID-19.

Although international travel restrictions remain in force, our AGWM missionaries in the United States are leaving for the fields of their calling, as their nations open.

AGWM requests that all planned trips by missions teams and other short-term ministry trips be deferred until after the present crisis is resolved and broad global travel restrictions are lifted. The health and well-being of our personnel, as well as our partners, is of the highest importance to us.

These travel restrictions, and any additional protective steps taken, in no way change our focus from fulfilling the Great Commission. AGWM missionaries continue to serve and establish the Church in over 190 nations around the world. As they follow local pandemic guidelines, they continue to serve their communities, and the gospel continues to advance.

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